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 I am originally from Los Angeles (a rarity in itself) where I started my acting career in theater at a young age.  In my first professional production, I was awarded Best Supporting Actor by the prestigious NAACP Theater Awards for my performance in the critically acclaimed production of The First Breeze of Summer. Not a bad way to start my career.

I made my feature film debut appearing in the horror franchise, Friday the 13th VIIA photo of my memorable “death scene” is featured in a collector’s edition book documenting the history of the franchise. I’ve worked extensively in the television industry performing in several television series such as, NYPD BlueSeinfeld, and ER to name a few.  While in Los Angeles, I’ve had the immense pleasure of co-starring with such diverse talent as James Earl Jones, Carrol O’Connor, George Clooney, Bette Midler, Jerry Seinfeld, and Jamie Foxx.

Several years ago, I made the decision to move myself and hence my career to Montreal. But not before completing the independent film, A Coat of Snow, by Sundance award-winning director Gordy Hoffman, brother of Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

I have worked extensively in Montreal’s film, television, and theater communities. My film and television work includes performances in CBC’s The BridgeThe Last Templar with Mira Sorvino and national Subway, Desjardins, Tim Hortons commercials, to name a few. American director Todd Hayes cast me as Black Panther Huey Newton in his critically acclaimed Bob Dylan bio-pic, I’m Not There. I also had the pleasure of working with Jake Gyllenhaal in Duncan Jones highly successful thriller, Source Code

Now I find myself living, breathing and working in Toronto. An interesting nut to crack indeed. There’s a lot of television here and I have found myself grabbing roles on NikitaHannibalPlayed Thank goodness I look decent in a suit, because I wear one a lot here!

Having agents in both Montreal and Toronto, I find myself auditioning and working in both cities. I also make an annual pilgrimage to Los Angeles during pilot season to re-connect with family and friends and make the rounds; Hollywood Style!


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